Wildlife – Part 1

Random shots of animals all over our great planet!

1P1080957 copie

Red squirrel, Canada.⇡

1P1090545 copie

Grizzly bear, Canada.⇡

1P1090546 copie

Paradise duck, New Zealand.⇡

1P1100088 copie

Asian elephant, Thailand.⇡

1P1100108 copie

Yellow-eyed penguin, New Zealand.⇡

1P1100109 copie

American crow, Canada.⇡

1P1100110 copie

Coopworth sheeps, New Zealand.⇡

1P1110293 copie

Red-billed seagull, New Zealand.⇡

1P1110415 copie

Black brushtail possum, New Zealand.⇡

1P1120239 copie

Yellow-eyed pinguins & fur seal, New Zealand.⇡

1P1120773 copie

Uria, France.⇡

1P1130604 copie

Great gray owl, Canada.⇡

1P1130618 copie

Columbian ground squirrel, USA.⇡

1P1140484 copie

Grizzly bear, Canada.⇡

– – –

Raw photos: no post prod, no filter AT ALL!

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