Vanlife in New Zealand!

6 months across New Zealand in a perfect little van called Sheepie!

1IMG_0733 copie

Meatworks freecamp, Kaikoura.⇡

1P1150125 copie

Lake Pukaki freecamp. ⇡

1IMG_0741 copie

View from the bed, Kaikoura ⇡

1IMG_0758 copie

Good morning Kaikoura! ⇡

1P1110549 copie

Driving to Milford Sound, Fiordland. ⇡

1P1140787 copie

Meatworks paradise: between snowy mountains & wild ocean! ⇡

1P1140654 copie

Otago Peninsula, Dunedin. ⇡

1IMG_0798 copie

Another morning in Kaikoura. ⇡

1P1140824 copie

Kitchen’s view! ⇡

1IMG_9605 copie

Lost in Otago Peninsula, Dunedin. ⇡

1IMG_7763 copie

Surfers’ paradise, Tauranga. ⇡

1P1150132 copie

Breakfast with a view, Lake Pukaki. ⇡

1IMG_9443 copie

All alone in a freecamp, Butchers Dam. ⇡

1P1120501 copie

Checking Dunedin homespot from the bed! ⇡

1P1140811 copie

Sheeps & sunrise! ⇡

1P1150148 copie

On the road to Mount Cook! ⇡

NZ roadtrip map

Here is the map of 6 months driving in New Zealand! Still plenty to explore! ⇡

– – –

Raw photos: no post prod, no filter AT ALL!

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