Canada – Part 1

Nature at its best.

1P1 copie

Emerald Lake, BC.⇡

1P20 copie

Victoria, BC.⇡

1P21 copie

Victoria, BC.⇡

1P22 copie

Emerald Lake, BC.⇡

1P1010261 copie

Ottawa, ON.⇡

1P1120793 copie

Icefields, AB.⇡

1P1120931 copie

Whistler, BC.⇡

1P1120981 copie

Emerald Lake, BC.⇡

1P1140411 copie

Vancouver Island, BC.⇡

1P11200027 copie

Vancouver, BC.⇡

– – –

Raw photos: no post prod, no filter AT ALL!

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