Exploring Scotland

Alternating between sun, rain, wind, sheeps, hikes and castles: here is a glimpse of 1 week in beautiful Scotland!

P1240156 copie

Glamis Castle. ⇡

P1240134 copie

Glamis Castle. ⇡

P1240237 copie

Scottish (hairy) cow, officially named “Highland cattle”. ⇡

P1240346 copie

The Devil’s Staircase hike. ⇡

P1240552 copie

Glenfinnan Viaduct #HarryPotter. ⇡

P1240663 copie

Eilean Donan Castle. ⇡

P1240693 copie

Plockton. ⇡

P1240711 copie

Plockton. ⇡

P1240726 copie

Plockton Lighthouse. ⇡

P1240801 copie

The Storr, Isle of Skye. ⇡

P1240921 copie

Rainy sheep, Isle of Skye. ⇡

P1240107 copie

Glamis Castle. ⇡

P1250004 copie

Fairy Pools walk, Isle of Skye. ⇡

P1250270 copie

Random kilts, Edinburgh. ⇡

P1250205 copie

Edinburgh. ⇡

– – –

Raw photos: no post prod, no filter AT ALL!

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