Southern Europe – Part 2

Road-tripping around the South of Europe: Part 2! Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland & France are featured with these 28 unedited photos!

P1200683 copie

Methoni Castle, Greece. ⇡

P1200735 copie

Ancient Messene, Greece. ⇡

P1200818 copie

Gerolimenas, Greece. ⇡

P1200865 copie

Dimitrios Shipwreck, Greece. ⇡

P1200884 copie

Dimitrios Shipwreck, Greece. ⇡

P1210231 copie

Oia, Santorini, Greece. ⇡

P1210248 copie

Oia, Santorini, Greece. ⇡

P1210299 copie

Fira, Santorini, Greece. ⇡

P1210475 copie

Meteora, Greece. ⇡

P1210538 copie

Konitsa, Greece. ⇡

P1210622 copie

Skopje, Macedonia. ⇡

P1210700 copie

Kotor Bay, Montenegro. ⇡

P1210781 copie

Perast, Montenegro. ⇡

P1220022 copie

Mostar, Bosnia. ⇡

P1220065 copie

Mostar, Bosnia. ⇡

P1220085 copie

Pocitelj, Bosnia. ⇡

P1220100 copie

Kravica Waterfalls, Croatia. ⇡

P1220210 copie

Blue Cave, Croatia. ⇡

P1220524 copie

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. ⇡

P1220692 copie

Pula, Croatia. ⇡

P1220836 copie

Bled Lake, Slovenia. ⇡

P1220913 copie

Triglav National Park, Slovenia. ⇡

P1230144 copie

Venice, Italy. ⇡

P1230259 copie

Dolomites, Italy. ⇡

P1230398 copie

Menaggio, Italy. ⇡

P1230470 copie

Milan, Italy. ⇡

P1230581 copie

Unknown hike (!), Switzerland. ⇡

P1230658 copie

Pérouges, France. ⇡

P.S. If you want to read more about our adventures, jump right here

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Raw photos: no post prod, no filter AT ALL!

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