Surf photography

Searching for the best spot, understanding how it works, reading the waves, paddling, standing, smiling and doing it again. And again. (+ take an “après-surf photo”).

Here are 12 “after-surf photos”. The ones saying: “wow! that was a sick day”. (Photos unedited, 100% NoFilter!)

1 copie

St Kilda, Dunedin, New Zealand. ⇡

2 copie

Morro Bay, California, USA. ⇡

3 copie

Houghton Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. ⇡

4 copie

Pakiri Beach, New Zealand. ⇡

5 copie

Mangamaunu, Kaikoura, New Zealand. ⇡

6 copie

Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Pays-Basque, France. ⇡

7 copie

Aramoana, New Zealand. ⇡

8 copie

Santa Cruz, California, USA. ⇡

9 copie

Papamoa Beach, Tauranga, New Zealand. ⇡

10 copie

Nauzan Bay, Royan, France. ⇡

11 copie

Piha Beach, New Zealand. ⇡

12 copie

St Kilda, Dunedin, New Zealand. ⇡

“Sliding a wave removes our brains out of the ordinary and slips us into the extra ordinary of being there now. No more worries about mortgages or strife of being poor or rich. When you enter the domain of an ocean cylinder, that moment, those split seconds belong to the Zen part of just being. Period.” – Bill Hamilton

– – –

Raw photos: no post prod, no filter AT ALL!

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