Dunedin – New Zealand

Here is a small glimpse of what you can see around Dunedin!

P1100829 copie

Good morning Dunedin! ⇡

P1100830 copie

Aramoana Beach. ⇡

P1100831 copie

Pineapple Flagstaff Walk. ⇡

P1100832 copie

Sunrise over Dunedin from Flagstaff Hill. ⇡

P1120109 copie

Local wildlife, Papanui Inlet, Otago Peninsula. ⇡

P1120111 copie

Dunedin Town Hall & St Paul’s Cathedral. ⇡

P1120475 copie

St Kilda Beach. ⇡


Aurora Australis, Blackhead. ⇡

P1120620 copie

Keyhole Rock, Aramoana. ⇡

P1120621 copie

Dramatic sunset, Dunedin. ⇡

P1120622 copie

Canoe Beach, Mapoutahi Pa Site. ⇡

P1120676 copie

Sunrise, Aramoana. ⇡

P1140625 copie

Deborah Bay, Port Chalmers. ⇡

P1140626 copie

Tunnel Beach. ⇡

P1140702 copie

Heyward Point. ⇡

P1150475 copie

Sunrise, Top of Flagstaff Hill. ⇡

P1150476 copie

Doctors Point Reserve, Blueskin Bay. ⇡

P1150848 copie

Tunnel Beach. ⇡

P1150799 copie

Sunset, Blackhead Beach. ⇡

– – –

Raw photos: no post prod, no filter AT ALL!

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